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Festive Themed 2016 Cover PASG

Before Christmas

Ingolf Kappel © Germany

Festive Themed 2017 Cover PASG

Paint Creek

Larry Belt © USA

Founded on 23 September 2016

''for all who love photography''


Bringing together photographers & photo artists from around the globe by showcasing there visions and creations to the world.

''creating photographic history for photographers & photo-artists''

The Society for photographers to inspire, network, share & Exhibit.

Image buyers, seekers, photography lovers, critics & publishers are all welcome.

PAS is a [NPO] Organization serving both members & communities globally.

Photographers of all ages & abilities welcome. ©

We display some of the best photo works from photographers & photo artists around the World.

Company Overview


The Photo Art Society benefits from being a charity, a non-profit organization with corporate status, limited by guarantee.


 Helping communties & reducing worldwide poverty through the love of photography.


Promoting relatively unknown artists & their photographic creations.

CN: 10834401



Limited Membership is lifelong-free and will remain free for the foreseeable future.

Limited Members of the society, are not eligible for PAS qualifications. Limited Members who wish to attain our recognised qualifications & work towards a higher standard of membership, will need to upgrade their membership from Limited to Member.

There is a one off  lifetime  payment required to upgrade & become a Member of the foundation,

''unlike many others who ask their members for recurring yearly subscriptions''

Member account holders will be issued a society membership number & certificate.



The PAS awards given to award winning photographers - photo artists are  the ''Pure Art Award'' & ''Society Famous Heart''

The Photo Art Society is unique & the first of its kind in the photographic industry. It leads the way while setting the standards in the market place it created for those that follow.





Dedicated to the cause. ''love Art'' ©

Before Christmas by Ingolf Kappel
Paint Creek by Larry Belt

Festive Themed 2018 Cover PASG

Stefan Seidler © Austria

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