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Sign Up for free membership today. Join our online community and share your love of photography. Build your personal proflle & account. In just a few clicks you will be part of this unique organization

PAS is the peoples society ©

''we involve our members, let them make decisions & commission them to''

NB: Only member account holders can vote. The society encourages voter participation.


You do not need to be a photographer to love photography. Public members & photographers of all ages & abilities are welcome to join. There is two society membership levels which are limted member & member. The society welcomes all who have a passion for the art.


All new members join as a free limted member & can become a member should they wish at a later date. Once the one off lifetime, member fee as been paid, limited member accounts are upgraded to member. A society lifetime membership number & certificate will be issued to member account holders.


The organization is committed to making sure an exceptional standard of photography is maintained, thus ensuring the reputation of our industry, trade & profession through assessment. Society qualifications are available for both professionals & those not in business.


The society member will be able to work their way up our qualification levels at their own pace. Working professionals will need to provide proof of public liability insurance when applying before being excepted for professional assessment qualifications. Only member account holders can attain the foundations qualifications.


Our judging process is within lines of industry standards & above.  All members who achieve our qualifications will be able to use the appropriate letters after  their name.


The Photo Art Society is unique & the first of its kind in the photographic industry. It leads the way while setting the standards in the market place it created for those that follow.

Why Join PAS


* Learn from the beginning with a society like no other * Woodburytype to Modern Day * Attain Recognised Qualifications * Become an award winning artist * Exhibit to our specially targeted audience & industry sector in over 100 countries * Learn, inspire, network & share with like minded friendly individuals * Free limited member profile account * Member Benefits & discounts * One lifetime member payment * 1-2-1 Mentoring Program * Support, guidence & help * Raise your profile & visibility * Enter regular competitions * increase sales & secure commissions * Be a featured photographer - photographic artist * Join our forever growing social community & enjoy our members work that is exhibited to our global audience by our promtional department Exhibition N Display  at the Photo Art Society Gallery* Help global communties who are not so fortunate through the love of photography with us and more *


* All society service fees are 100% reinvested within the foundation, so we can continue to serve both members & communities globally.

Festive Themed 2019 Cover PASG

Winters Touch

Simone Louise Smith © UK

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